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When Sewer Repairs Become Necessary


This will undoubtedly depend on your premises’ infrastructure. For starters, just how large is this portfolio you are handling? The larger your building stock is, the better the prospect of you having to take ownership of what goes on down below the surface of these buildings’ foundations. Perhaps because it is mostly unseen, property owners may have been guilty of taking their eyes off of the ball in this regard.

It stands to good reason that all plumbing fixtures and fittings above ground will always be kept in good repair. Hold yourself to your contract if your plumbing technicians are indeed competent, experienced and possess the relevant required expertise specific to your buildings’ infrastructure. Also good going forward if your plumbing team is registered and/or licensed service providers. Further, they will always have a rapid response unit in place to cater for all emergencies, if and when they arise.

Then again, if you are operating on a contract basis, your plumbing technicians are already spot on with inspections and regular maintenance work, should this be required. Now, if trenchless sewer repair is not included in your current contract portfolio then the time may be ripe to look elsewhere. This is particularly essential if it is going to be left to you to ensure that your below the surface sewers are fully functional.

Even so, most sewerage networks seem to be under the control of municipal or local authorities, but, speak to licensed and experienced plumbing technicians about this, there is nothing in the law that says you cannot carry out inspections of what goes on down below the surface of your business premises. After all, if pipes below the surface burst, it’s going to have a negative impact on your properties.