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Optimizing The Way Pharmacy Stores Are Managed


Two scenarios can be captured here for your user’s interest. The first scenario outlines how it used to be when you fell critically ill. It cannot be imagined how you managed to survive the ordeal. The second scenario is how things are run today. You do not appear to be making much use of the system now that you are in fairly good health. because the quicker you are diagnosed, the quicker you are treated and the quicker you receive the required prescriptions, the quicker you can bring yourself back to good health.

The old system came at great cost to you. The doctor would generate a prescription in his typically cryptic scrawl; it is hard to imagine how the pharmacist was able to recognize what was needed. And yes, sometimes he got it wrong, all to your health’s great detriment. And as sick as you were, you still had to make your way from the doctor’s surgery to the pharmacy store. And then there was the line of other coughing and wheezing patients to counter in this line.

Enough about the old. Out with the old and in with the new. The very moment the medical practitioner documents the required prescription on the system’s data base, the selected pharmacist gets to work in putting together the correct and accurate unit dose packaging to be delivered straight to your home. Yes, that’s right; you do not need to collect it. It will be delivered straight to you. Also, the all important bill will undoubtedly be processed at the earliest convenience and delivered straight to the administrator tasked with processing your claims under the medical plan you bought into.

No time is wasted. Costs are saved. And lives are saved as well.