One two three, who’s got a kid on the way? What about the expense of the baby nursery?


This suggestion might just work really well for you if you are one of those who are really quite firm in your plans to have just one kid. So, it has been confirmed, you are having a baby and it is due soon. But you have more than enough time to prepare the child’s bedroom as a nursery. Later, when the child starts to grow out of its toddler years, the room will be prepared for an overhaul in keeping with the child’s age and development.

You can do this because you have planned well ahead of time. It is just that you did not prepare for the expense of it all. Who can blame you? You did do your homework and necessary number crunching, but look how much the prices have gone up a year after you did that necessary exercise. You could not even make projections because retailers and wholesalers can be quite unpredictable and unreliable at times.

The cost effective alternative is for you to simply rent your first and only child’s nursery. Before you start filling it up with all its necessaries, don’t forget the high chair rental. That item was probably not close to the top of your baby essentials list because for the first few months its feeding time would be restricted to the nursery. Apart from renting the cot and wash basin, consider a comfy chair as a permanent fixture.

While you are feeding baby you can be comfortable as well. While you are reading her a story or two or rocking her gently to sleep, you will always be comfortable. And later when the baby grows up, she’ll still have her chair to sit in, all by herself.

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